by Pinewood Elementary workshop group

To the tune of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”

Mammals all have fur or hair, ain’t no scales or feathers there
Straight or curly, short or long, there is hair on every one!
Every llama, sheep and shrew grows its hair as mammals do.

Every mama mammal feeds her babies milk to meet their needs
Mammal milk is really good, it’s mother nature’s perfect food
Your mom made her milk for you ‘cause that’s what mama mammals do.

Mammals are warm blooded so we’re active when the temp is low
Homeostasis is really neat but it’s why we need so much to eat
Every mammal in the zoo is warm blooded just like you.

Mammals carry their babies inside the mama’s tummy, they get to ride!
A cord brings food and oxygen to you, takes away waste and CO2
When you’re ready, Mom says “Oh,” pushes hard and out you go