by Pinewood Elementary workshop group

To the tune of “Itsy Bitsy Spider”

Every bird has wings and most of them can fly
Flapping and soaring, you’ll see them in the sky
Penguins are aquatic, they flap beneath the sea
And chicken wings are good when they’re barbecued for me

Every bird has feathers to keep her safe and warm
They give her insulation from the winter and the storm
Feathers may be camouflaged or may be very bright
The short ones are for warmth and the long ones are for flight

Every mama bird finds a place for eggs to lay
She keeps them in a nest where she guards them night and day
She sits on the eggs until they’re ready to hatch
Then she leaves her babies in the nest and finds some food to catch

The beak on a bird depends on what they eat
Some are good for catching bugs or tearing chunks of meat
Long for sipping nectar from the blossom of a flower
Or short for biting down with nut-cracking power!