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March! For! Science!

April 14

I am immensely honored to be invited again to perform at the Los Angeles March For Science. This is a huge event to remind us (and our elected officials) of the following:
-Science is not just another point of view, it is an approach to understanding the world around us that actually lets us find out for sure whether an idea is true or not.
-U.S. preeminence in science has played a huge role in putting our nation in its position of world leadership in many fields: military, communications, etc.
-Our nation’s position of world leadership in science and technology is not an entitlement, and we can lose it if we fail to make it a continuing priority.
-We ignore science and the answers it gives us at our peril.
-We care enough about these truths to show up on Saturday, April 14 and make our voices heard.
-We vote.


April 14