Posted December 22, 2011, under Tim's Blog

This week’s song is a celebration of quadrilaterals. Why not a Christmas song, you ask? It isn’t that I hate Christmas; and no, I’m not an atheist although some of my best friends are. It’s just that I haven’t written any holiday music that does not stink. I’ll keep working on it and maybe I’ll … Read More

Week 7

Posted December 12, 2011, under Tim's Blog

I was excited to learn that Judy Collins will be playing soon at Disney Hall, so I went online to get tickets for the wife and myself. Then I noticed that the decent seats – not front row mind you, but just to be on the main floor and facing the stage rather than the … Read More

Typing In The Dark

Posted December 4, 2011, under Tim's Blog

So we had some wind in my town this week. I mean howling, knock-things-over, quick-sedate-the-dog howling wind that left several hundred thousand of us in the dark. No lights, no phones, no Internet, not a single luxury. Five days later, I’m still doing my web stuff on my iPad via the cell network – thanks, … Read More

Math On My Mind

Posted November 28, 2011, under Tim's Blog

This week I start coaching two mathletics teams (yes, I just said that) in preparation for a competition at the end of January. One team is from my son’s school, the other from the school where I teach when I’m not on sabbatical. I have been asked why a math team would need a coach. … Read More

TCFS Week 4

Posted November 20, 2011, under Tim's Blog

The fourth song of the week, OREGON TRAIL, is now posted under TOO CRUEL FOR SCHOOL. I am now a few weeks ahead of the curve on recording so I’m finally beginning to think I might actually be able to pull this project off. Next week, one of my few math songs that does not … Read More

TCFS Week 3

Posted November 14, 2011, under Tim's Blog

Our third song-of-the-week is up! Check out BIRDS under the album TOO CRUEL FOR SCHOOL on the MUSIC page. In other news, the new home studio is mostly done. I hope to start recording at home sometime around Thanksgiving.

Still Going

Posted November 7, 2011, under Tim's Blog

Okay, our second song-a-week has posted on schedule. Many thanks to those who tried it out last week and shared feedback! This week we offer the Valent Shell song; not only did it win a writing contest at OVFF this year, but it actually may be the best club/dance mix about particle physics you’ve ever … Read More

Song-A-Week is Go!

Posted November 2, 2011, under Tim's Blog

Okay, I can’t say we’ve solved every possible technical problem, but we’ve at least reached the point where we’ve resolved everything that’s obvious from our end. Now we need your help! Help breaking it, that is. Please play around a bit and tell us what doesn’t work right, what seems confusing, and what just looks … Read More

Progress Report

Posted October 29, 2011, under Tim's Blog

Okay, we’ve been polishing the new version of the site for a few days now. Please take it for a spin and send us any thoughts you may have on how we can make your experience better! Meanwhile, lots of other news: both INSULT TO INJURY and THE DA VINCI CHORD are now available on … Read More

The new site is up, yay!!!

Posted October 27, 2011, under Tim's Blog

Welcome to our new launch of the site! We are currently taking it for a test-drive, so please be patient while we clean up any issues. Better still, please contact me (there’s a button for that at the top of the page) about anything you see that appears not to be working properly, as well … Read More