Sometimes I Get Prickly

Posted March 15, 2012, under Tim's Blog

Mostly working on boring administrative stuff this week, but we’re putting some finishing touches on tracks for the next album; it should be available this summer. While I was up in the Bay Area for Consonance, a TV crew from the local CBS station came to do a story about the con. They filmed some … Read More

Field Report: Consonance

Posted March 6, 2012, under Tim's Blog

I had more fun at Consonance this weekend than should be legal. My show on Saturday went pretty well; there is no audience more receptive to new music, or more forgiving of the occasional bobbled chords or lyrics that sometimes go with new new music, than the good people at Consonance. Dr. James Robinson, the … Read More

Busy, busy, busy

Posted February 27, 2012, under Tim's Blog

My top priority right now is getting the new album nailed down, but we did make time last week to record and post a few simple videos on YouTube: Natural Selection National Debt Six Leg Jump Yeah, it’s just me and a guitar. Want to see something more elaborate in the video department? Cool. Make … Read More

What, no new song this week?

Posted February 22, 2012, under Tim's Blog

That’s right, I’m taking a break from posting a new song every week. See last week’s blog entry for details. Not that I’m slacking off, I’m just working on other stuff at the moment. I’m still writing and have several new songs ready to record when we get to it. This week, some news: First, … Read More

Crisis, Resolution, and a Change of Plan

Posted February 12, 2012, under Tim's Blog

This week began with a bit of a shock. See, there’s a studio where I’ve been recording my music pending the hypothetical day when my home studio is up and running (right now it’s a temporary kitchen while the construction guys tear my house apart). Anyway, in the studio where I’ve been working is a … Read More

Please Read Before Playing "Mr. Bond"

Posted February 6, 2012, under Tim's Blog

Parents, please note that this week’s song was NOT written for kids. I reckon it’s fine for any kid who’s old enough to watch a movie with actual guns, but please give it a listen before you play it for your little ones. I wouldn’t post anything I wouldn’t be comfortable with my own kid … Read More

Digging My Own Cave

Posted January 30, 2012, under Tim's Blog

One of the many ways I’ve been lucky with my music is in my friends and how patient they are with my random questions: I get to bounce my ideas off a particle physicist/computer programmer in Seattle, a Hugo-winning science fiction writer in Chatsworth, a mathematician in Boston, etc. These people have saved me from … Read More

1,001 Inventions

Posted January 23, 2012, under Tim's Blog

Over winter break, Joe and I went to see a traveling science exhibit called “1,001 Inventions.” It was a very well crafted and presented interactive show about some of the cool inventions and discoveries made by Muslims during the golden age of the Islamic Caliphate. Lots of good interactive multimedia about algebra, chemistry, astronomy, navigation, … Read More

The Other Kids

Posted January 16, 2012, under Tim's Blog

My son recently gave a me a good long lecture about how cruel a parent I am, citing as evidence how all “the other kids” get to have cell phones, unlimited video game privileges and junk food, etc. I took careful notes and the result is this week’s song. You can find “The Other Kids” … Read More

New Year, New Music

Posted January 2, 2012, under Tim's Blog

Checking in from Idaho; All Night Long and Ye Parliament of England have uploaded on schedule. Next week: a cover of one of my favorite Dr. Jane songs. Other news: the wife and kid and I are enjoying a much-needed break from the construction at home, staying in Sun Valley with my mom and dad. … Read More