Posted in Blog, on November 19, 2015

I can hardly believe 2015 is nearly done. Here are some of the reasons I am thankful this season: -a friend getting out of the hospital only a little the worse for mileage. -another friend trading
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The GriffinEd Channel is a Go!

Posted in Blog, on September 18, 2015

Many thanks to the Annenberg Foundation for generously supporting our first (of many, we hope) animated music videos! Depending on how this goes, this may the future of GriffinEd. CLICK HERE TO SEE SIX LEG JUMP
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Back To Work, George

Posted in Blog, on June 26, 2015

I am often asked if I write ONLY for kids; The answer is no, I write a lot of geeky songs for grownups too. My goal is usually to write something that will appeal to both
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Open Call For Songs

Posted in Blog, on June 12, 2015

To my fellow filkers and songwriters: For the first time, GriffinEd is calling for submissions of your fun learning songs. Attached is a fairly detailed (4 pages) description of what GriffinEd is looking for; you can
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Your Inner Simon

Posted in Blog, on March 27, 2015

I was leading two writing workshops this week with a class of high-schoolers, and I couldn’t help noticing how much easier it is to get younger kids (i.e. elementary school) to write music. The teenagers in
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Another new year already!

Posted in Blog, on January 8, 2015

As I start digging into the agenda for 2015, I want to take a moment to thank the people who supported GriffinEd in 2014 with their time, expertise, art, music, contacts, and donations. This is emphatically
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