About Griffin Education Solutions

Griffin Education Solutions is a 501(c)3 educational non-profit (IRS ID #45-5513411) dedicated to putting music to work for education. Our goal is to give every child access to fun, engaging music that will help them master the content and vocabulary they will need for success in school.

Our website, www.GriffinEd.org, is a free online library of fun educational music for kids in grades K-8. All of the music is free for streaming and download, along with printable lyrics, lesson ideas for teachers, and detailed notes on alignment to the standards of the Common Core, NGSS, and the state of California. GriffinEd also offers live shows and songwriting workshops to schools and other places of learning; payment for these is optional. A study in 2013 showed dramatic gains in students’ science vocabulary after only two weeks of working with our music for five minutes a day, and we do not believe this is a fluke: we are working in the same tradition as the bards, skalds, and griots who kept and spread the knowledge of their people through music in times past, but now we’re doing it online.

GriffinEd is mostly funded by tax-deductible donations. If you agree that music is one of our most powerful tools for learning and that all children should have access to fun teaching songs, please consider making a tax-deductible donation of any amount. With your support we can put fun educational music into every classroom and home.