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Our goal is to provide you with the best kid-friendly science/history/filk music site… ever. You can find my blog and any upcoming public appearances on this page. To check out my music, just click above on MUSIC and choose an album. Note that listening online and all downloads are now FREE, since the primary purpose of this site is to serve the students and teachers who do not have a budget for the arts. Of course if you like the music enough to make a donation, that would be fantastic. Teachers, be sure to look at the NOTES for details on which grade level content is addressed by each song.

We are still working very hard to make things better around here, so if you find anything that doesn’t work right or just seems confusing, please click on CONTACT ME above and let me know. Your feedback is our most important tool for improving the site, so thanks!

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“I have this clinging fear that someday, someone is going to shake me into reality...”

– Jack Benny

AAAS members, click here first!!!

17 June 2014

This is a special blog entry for the use of attendees of the AAAS Pacific Division conference in June of 2014. Rather than hand you one more pretty flier for you to stick in the next... More

Bodily Autonomy

21 May 2014

My friend Judi Miller teaches high-school English in Ohio. Besides being smart and wickedly funny, she has a knack for finding the nicest possible way to deal directly with unpleasant issues. What follows is her account... More

Recent Goings-On

16 May 2014

I haven’t blogged lately: I’ve been really, really busy, okay? Just a quick update on some recent stuff so you’ll know I haven’t been slacking off: The new album is still in the mix/master hopper with... More